How to take care of your tattoo

I’ve gotten a whole lot of questions about this recently, so here is everything you need to know about how to take care of your tattoo for it the heal properly!

For a month after you got your tattoo;

– keep it mosturized (use an unsented cream and put it in a thin layer at least three times a day)

– don’t put a thick layer of cream (otherwise the lines of your tattoo will bleed under the skin)

– wash it twice a day with unsented soap

– don’t scrub, pick it or scratch it

– don’t submerged it under water until it’s completely healed (no bath or swimming)

– do not put it in direct sunlight

– pat it dry (again, never scrub!)

For after your tattoo is healed (to keep it nice over the years) ;

– put sunscreen on it when you go in the sun

– put hrydrating lotion on at least once a week

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